No More Fat Todd

We’re back to the point of me feeling fat. I can deal with being heavier. I’ve been a big boy most of my life (yes..I wore Huskies as a kid), but where I draw the line is when I feel fat.

I’m at 317. This is the heaviest I have been since I originally started my ‘no more fat todd’ journey in 2011 (I was 330 when that all started). And I got to the point where my brain-body-mind-soul all got together and said Enough of this shit, yo. Get it together Skaggs.

There’s a lot of baggage with the whole weight loss thing for me (and for most, I suspect, but I can’t speak for them). It goes a little like this…a while back..2009 or 2010…I had a physician tell me that one cause for the lack of intimacy was that perhaps I was too overweight for my wife to find me attractive. Turns out there were other issues, but that was certainly a catalyst and always stuck in the back of my mind. In 2011 I got my shit together and started the journey. I got down to 265 by 2013. In the summer of 2013, I did the Warrior Dash….hurt myself and fell out of my exercise routine altogether. And to be fair…I probably could not have kept up the pace I was on for very much longer anyway, so perhaps the injury was a blessing. I am to the point now where I’m ready to get back to doing physical activity…or exericise, if you will…to supplant the dietary changes I have made. And also ready to get back to a little more regimented food program (in the sense that Donato’s every other night probably won’t keep me from feeling fat).

I knew that this week was my week for getting back on track, so I really kind of hit the eat, drink, and be merry thing pretty hard this weekend. And I came to the conclusion that…damn…I can’t party like I used to. Well…let me take that back. I can party every bit as much as I used to….it’s the recovery that takes longer.


Based on this weekend, I have also learned a bit about myself…I love to be around people when we’re all laughing and bullshitting and generally enjoying each other’s company. Clubs are fine. Bars are so so (except the patio at Jimmy V’s–that’s the bomb)…but you give me a couple of fold out chairs…a fire pit and a cooler of cold ones with friends and laughter…and I’m a happy Toddly.

I would have to say that the weekend, in that regards was fairly epic. Lots of time hanging with friends (or as I like to say ‘family with different last names’).

In the scope of other posts, I’d give this one about a 4. It’s one of those where I just kinda write to A) Make sure I still know how to write and B) log more time on the ClamCase Pro case (which, by the way, I’m loving. The size isn’t as much of an issue as I thought it might be and the key placement appears to have been worth every penny).

I brought my exercise shoes with me to work (what? too abrupt?)…figure that I need to pick back up on my afternoon walks around the parking lot. Even if it’s only me (sometimes I prefer that, actually…chance to clear my head).

Alright. I’m gonna get back to work now.

Peace out!


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