Perfection is a fleeting and ever changing ideal. I find that when I say “I have found the perfect XYZ (backpack, messenger bag, ipad case),” that I really need to end that statement with ‘for my particular and peculiar needs.’ Because, really, your mileage may vary. The thing that makes something perfect for me might annoy the shit out of you (and the thing that annoys you might be just what I’m looking for).


And no, still haven’t found the perfect messenger bag yet…but I have a few that mostly meet all of my needs for the particular situation in which I use them (yes, I have different bags depending on the situation).

As an update to the ClamCase port size issue…I did NOT find any extender (shame on you Apple) but I did find that the Polk Audio noise cancelling earbuds I got for travel DO fit quite nicely, albeit a bit snugly, but I can live with that. In fact, those would be the ones I would want to fit, since I’ll be using the iPad when I travel in October. And it’s nice to get a little longer charge than 4 hours. So…that actually worked out well. There’s really nothing that I see as a downside on this case anymore. It has now moved in to the ‘Perfect Case (for me)’ category. Yay!

I may or may not have mentioned that I’m gonna be getting my D&D on with a few guys from work. I rolled my initial stats yesterday. I’m going with a dragonborn Monk. I haven’t named him yet, but he’s got a pretty decent backstory–so it should be fun.

The cold I’ve been fighting is on the outs, I think. That’s a good thing.

I don’t necessarily have much to add at this point other than Dad is down on the Farm.

Which is pretty much where I want to be right now.

Gonna finish up lunch and head back to work.


Peace Out!


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