The 700 Club

Post 700.

No, I don’t mean after 700.  I mean that this is the 700th published post of this blog. To be fair there have been more than that. Some of them you don’t see. Some of them you do but probably shouldn’t.

Anyway…I am NOT Pat Robertson or whoever that guy was. This ain’t that 700 Club.

What this is, however, is a personal triumph. I’m on target to write more things on this blog (for better or worse) this year than in any years previous.

And that feels pretty good.  Feeling good is a good thing.

Life is good.

Actually…that’s not really true. Life is neither good nor bad. How we react to it is the good stuff (or the bad stuff).

Here’s the thing…if you and I are friends on Facebook, you know I’m generally an upbeat guy. I find the positive in most situations.

And that’s a good thing. There’s enough bullshit and negativity on Facebook (in the world actually) without me needing to dump any of my shit on it.

No–I’m not always so happy. I have my moments. I have my down days. I have time where I wonder if I made the best choices in my life that led up to here.

And I have to say that yes…I did. Oh sure…perhaps I start too many sentences with the word ‘And,’ but hey–who doesn’t?

So…what’s the big deal about 700? Well…because it means I’m writing.

Writing is who I am. It’s what I do. You know what else is cool? People enjoy reading it. Sometimes I’m not sure why. But it makes my heart happy.

Do you want to know how I know dreams come true?

Because you’re reading this.

It’s my dream to be a writer.

And for that to work, I need people who want to read what I write.

Congratulations. How does it feel to help someone’s dream come true?

Welcome to the club.

-Andrew Todd

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