We Didn’t Start The Fire

Combine tax return with my love of shiny things and throw a dash of Apple lowering AppleTV to $69, and you have a tasty little recipe for me re-evaluating my streaming media hub.

When I first moved in to the iTapt, I had cable TV. I had it for all of about a week before I cancelled it. I switched to Netflix and Hulu Plus.  And I never looked back.  Last Spring I got Amazon Prime. Along with it came a crapton of music and videos and what not. Along with the amazing shipping.  I pull from the service’s audio repository more than their visual stores.

All of this led me to think that I needed to replace my Western Digital Live TV streaming content mega-hub.

So I did. In favor of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

And it’s bugging the shit out of me. If I wanted to go apples to apples on the replacement, I would have gone with the $99 FireTV (not the mini version which is the ‘Stick’).

I was geeked to have finally have a good delivery method for PrimeVideo on my TV. But the interface is horrible. It’s too fucking busy. Not clean in the least. 5 minutes of browsing and I was already missing the WDLiveTV. Not to mention that I had to give up my sound bar.

All of that aside. I could have actually lived with those minor annoyances. But the constant misleading of what videos are free vs. which are paid is just annoying as fuck.  There is no distinction that I can find as you browse to let you know which shows are included in the Prime Membership–which I may or may not renew–or which you actually have to buy.

It clunky.

And there’s a good chance I’ll be sending it back to Amazon.

But first I have to find the damned remote.

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