Lucky You

You stumbled upon a ‘hidden’ post. Lucky you.
By hidden I mean that I’ve no intentions of posting a link about it on Facebook or any other social media site. I figure I’ll do these from time to time. I suspect the posts will be slightly more self-indulgent. Again-lucky you.

Today I’m reminding of simple corporeal things that we often take for granted. I speak of course of the two most simple acts one can do with a neck: Tilting one’s head back and tucking one’s chin to their chest.

I can barely remember the day when I could do both of those without even thinking twice.  With no pain whatever.

Actually…that’s a lie. I can’t remember doing either of those things whilst not in pain. Because they are so fucking off the radar of things to be thankful for. Thankful I can do an exaggerated nod? Fuck that. I’m thankful I can breathe. Thankful I can make love to a woman.

Certain things you take for granted…things that aren’t even on the radar…because they’re not supposed to on the fucking radar. I’m not supposed to hear the crepitus when doing something so simple as moving my head and neck the same way I’ve moved it a million times before.

It’s fucked up.

And it hurts. On the 1-10 chart that they post in the medical profession, I’d say that I’m a solid 3-4 all the time.

I don’t know quite how a werewolf feels when he’s going through the change. But…here’s the thing…most of us have seen a werewolf movie at least once in our life. The newer ones show the transformation in graphic detail. You know when the spine arches and the skin tears away around the human turned canine bones? How you imagine that feeling kinda what I feel like all the time.

Yes. I know I need the surgery.

The surgeon is a prick.

He won’t be cutting me.

Fuck it. I’m tired.

Off to bed.

More on this later. Maybe.

Lucky you.


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