A Glitch In The Matrix

This is going to be a quick hit because, quite honestly, I’m engrossed in a book and I want to get back to it.

Not writing it, but reading it. Although, I’ve just taken something for my back, so I may be coming back to writing later tonight anyway, because somehow it’s fun when I’m not entirely sober and overthinking things. The meds dull my self-deprecation just enough to be useful. Not that I’d make a habit of them. I typically don’t take anything, but today the neck was not about to let me be.

ANYWAY…that’s not why I came.

Something hit me.

I’m reading Ready Player One, the book I just can’t put down and the quote to start the second part of the book hits me like a rock.

“I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal.”–Groucho Marx

Flash back in my brain to a scene in The Matrix.  They are driving on the way to meet the Oracle. Neo has already been unplugged and ‘awakened’ so to speak. And he says (in classic Keanu style), “Whoa.”

Trinity says, “What?”

“I used to eat there. Really good noodles.”

So. Reality is the only place to get a decent meal. Yet several times in the movie, they make a point to show how much better the meals are in the virtual world of the Matrix. A particularly pointed example is when the Agents are courting Cipher by taking him out for a steak dinner.  And conversely, meals in the real world are likened to “runny snot.”

As I have come to realize, there are little coincidences, if any, in that first movie.  Meaning either the Brothers Wakowski er…sorry….Siblings Wakowski hated Marx and were rubbing that in his face (again, another layer if you leave off the first name) or they treasured his work and were giving all kinds of sideways nods to it.

Or the pain meds could be kicking in.

Either way, I’m back to the book.

Have a good evening.


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