Good Grief!!

So….I get it. I’m approaching what some might consider old. But not in my mind.

That being said, please don’t take this rant as ‘old guy venting about the good old days,’ because it’s not really that as much as it is about the something new days being filled with short cuts.

Take, for example, a new Charlie Brown movie.  I’m not a purist (although maybe I am), but growing up there were several Charlie Brown specials I knew and loved

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Snoopy Come Home

And lesser in my mind

  • You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown
  • Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown
I know there were more. But those were the go-to’s for me. The hand drawn animation was magic in my mind. Almost at though Schulz had done them all himself.
And I don’t ever remember seeing the Little Red Haired Girl. She was always the object of Charlie Brown’s affection. Believe it or not, I identified with Charlie. And so I would imagine the Red Haired Girl to be someone in my life at the time that I had a crush on.
Of course there was a Lucy in my life at the time. I didn’t pick up on it then, but I think Lucy had a crush on Charlie Brown. It explains a lot in the shows to me. And if I identified with Charlie Brown, it explains quite a bit in my life, particularly regarding who I might have wound up attracted to.
Damn. That just got ‘peel the layer of onion back’ deep on me and I didn’t really even mean for it to.
What prompted this stroll down memory lane was a post I saw on the book of Face regarding the new Charlie Brown movie due out in theaters in November.  I watched the trailer and was sad.
It had all the bells and whistles of a new-style (read CGI) animated movie. It looked fun, but superficial. 
The moments of the trailer I liked the best were Charlie Brown’s though bubble. THOSE looked like the old specials I know and love.
I won’t lie. I’ll watch it. The same way I watched Red Dawn. And the same way, heaven help me, that I will most likely watch Point Break when it comes out. But fuck. It just seems cheap to me. 
Hollywood has gotten lazy. And that’s really what bothers me most about this. 
There used to be (and probably still are) for how to make a good X (action, musical, comedy, drama) movie. That blueprint involved certain events happening at certain beats in the movie to drive it. A good book is like that too. And we all know that the story line is not original. There are according to some only 7 basic story lines anyway, but it is the telling of those stories that makes a classic.
Remaking the classics just seems wrong. Remaking Red Dawn. Bad move. Terrible movie. Remaking Point Break…not so much.  Please don’t ever try to remake Goonies. With cell phones and GPS’s, it will be a 3 minute short film. 
But Todd, you loved the new Star Trek movies. And aren’t those basically the same thing? 
Yes and no. The Star Trek movies took canon and within the confines of that canon found a way to entirely reboot the series. It was nothing short of genius, in my humble opinion. The writing is smart. The acting is top notch with just enough nod to the campiness of the original series. They are by far my favorite of the Reboot Genre.
But fuck Hollywood, seriously? Repacking a movie that was a hit when the kids who watched it have kids of their own is just lazy. It feels cheap.
And maybe that’s the problem for me with this new Charlie Brown Trailer. I want to like it. I want  to believe that Lucy will actually let Charlie Brown kick the football.
But deep down, I’m waiting for her to pull back at the last minute.

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