Sooner or Later

Reality is a funny thing. Not necessarily funny ha ha but more along the lines of funny hmmm, something seems slightly out of place.

The last 15 hours or so, reality has been kind of a punk. I feel asleep on the love seat last night. In NOT a great position for someone who just had neck surgery. Or rather, I didn’t fall asleep that way, but when I woke my neck was not happy with me. I don’t think I undid benefits of the surgery, but things were definitely aching. I grabbed the muscle relaxer and the Percocets (instead of the Tylenol), because I knew it would help (thank goodness I saved a few of those back for just such an emergency).

Got things situated and put the water in to the CPAP machine.  The display was blank. Looked over. It wasn’t plugged in. I remedied that. Still nothing on the display. I was in pain and slightly freaking out. I didn’t really need for that thing to be dead. I monkeyed around with it for another 20 minutes and somehow it came back to life. Took the drugs. Hit the sheets.

I dreamt, but damned if I remember it. Probably better that way. The perc dreams are messed up.

Woke up and started the morning routine…oatmeal…Spark…EmergenC…Banana (hey–I know it’s not very exciting…reality and all that, remember??).

Got the text that D&D was cancelled.

So…yeah. I was disappointed, but it happens.

Figured it was time to cut my hair. I was going to let my daughter cut it for her class, but I thought twice about the shampoo sinks. As I remember, they would hit my neck right about where the problem area was. So…I decided on cutting my own hair. Been doing it since high school. No biggie.

Only this morning, the clippers died.  About halfway through my cut.  Yeah. I looked like I was suffering radiation poisoning. Half my hair was shaved away, the other half wasn’t. I took the clippers apart. Cleaned them. Put them back together. No joy. They were dead.  Well…I guess 15 years was a good run.

I cleaned up, threw on a hat and headed out to Walmart (figured I’d blend in).

Fuck. This is really boring.
I’m gonna go ahead and post this, but probably won’t post a link to this shite from Facebook. Lucky you, you found it anyway.

Alright…I’ll be back later. I need to check on the laundry.


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