Stay Of Execution

So…many of my close friends know how I feel about my previous job. I’m not going to get in to it here. I will say that I loved my customers. THEY were what made it difficult for me to leave my previous job.

I still have some friends that work there. Not many. I ran completely out of fucks to give by the time I was ready to put a feather on the 14 year cap that was that place.

So…funny thing happened today.

I went back.

No…not for good. And not for a job.  Actually a friend of mine still works there (or left and came back) and had some airshow tickets for me. I was to meet him at work (his work) and pick up the tickets.

I pulled in to the lot and let him know I was there. He said he was coming out. When he didn’t, I texted back…”you’re still in the same building, right?”

He laughed, via text. They were.

He came out a few minutes later. We caught up. Compared summer surgical scars and we talked about what makes a company a good place to work.  Apparently a lot has changed in the 3+ years since I worked there. But fundamentally underneath it all, it sounds like the reasons that I had for leaving still remained and it was the right decision.

I don’t know what I expected when I pulled in. But I have to say that it just felt off and it was the subtle nod (not that I needed one) that I did the right thing.

And then a funny thing happened. Saw one of my good friends walking out to go to his car and I pulled up. ?The smile and genuine joy he expressed at seeing me was enough to warm my heart. It was cool. He started falling out…like..Oh my GOD! What are you doing here?!? You are not going to believe this…it’s the craziest thing.  I was working with F—- on a test database today and her login didn’t work. So I tried D—‘s login. Then I tried mine.  None of them worked. So I said ‘Try Todd’s login and password’….and that worked!!! And then two hours later, you’re here!!!’

To hear him tell it, it was the coolest thing ever.  There are some friends I made there. And those handful, I miss. But…there’s nothing I can think of, short term or long that would lead me to work there again. We made plans to hang out. I left and drove home.

It’s funny how little things like that can pop back in to your life to remind you of why you made the choices you made (and to affirm that they were, indeed, the correct choices).

Not a super long entry, but certainly longer than a FB post would allow.

In other news….Cleveland National Airshow. Sunday. Word. Taking the DSLR…gotta see if I still have the knack of taking airshow pix.

Alright…that’s all I got for now. Go ahead and go back to looking at pix of kitties or whatever you were doing before you clicked on this link.

Peace Out

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