Out From the Center

The house was in shambles. Uniformed officers trolled through the rubble.  The detectives hadn’t arrived on scene yet.  There really wasn’t much for them to do at this point, other than to try to preserve the scene.
The scene. The scene was fucked.  And not in a good way. The neighbors reported shouting. It was actually the domestic that they were responding to. It had become part of the beat. Not that it was exclusive to this part of town. Just more…common.
The heat blew past the car before they even turned the corner. The neighboring buildings were miraculously untouched.  It wasn’t really magic. That’s just the bullshit that would pass for news. Masking a tragedy with a sliver of good news. There weren’t enough silver linings these days.
“What the fuck?!” This was definitely not something that was ever covered in any academy course. They would both know, they weren’t in the uniforms a full year yet.
The car lurched as they drove in to what could easily pass for a war zone at this point. They were out of the car and radioing for additional emergency services with a calm air. The viscera and stench of burnt dreams notwithstanding, witnesses would see two cops moving with an almost machine like presence through the destruction.
Later the arson detectives and fire marshall would officially rule that the cause of the blast was a faulty utility line coming in to the one of the inner units. The blast emanated from there. Out from the center.
The monitor snapped to black in the board room.

“So…gentlemen. You’ve seen what they can do. How many can we put your city down for?”

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