Tough Day At The Office

exterior day
We see a corporate limo pulling in to a drive in front of a large corporate structure. A chauffeur comes to let out JACK KERR, Junior Executive Partner at Ostermann & Fein.
While on the drive in to the city, we hear JACK’S voice, as though reading from a journal.
I couldn’t even tell you how it happened myself, to be honest.

One minute I’m on top of the fucking world. Corporate bank account, access to the company limo, the company condo on the 9th hole. A smoking hot wife. And a little boy that I would take a bullet for.

The brain-docs on the inside always tell you to go back to what you know. If you’re not at a happy place now, go back to what you know.

And I knew of the day before it all went to shit.

That was the day I was the happiest. And then the very next day, it all came crashing down.

Interior day
We follow JACK through the bustling ad agency to his office. As he approaches, TOM JEFFERS, another junior partner, and friend of JACK follows him in to his office, closing the door behind them both.
TOM barely waits for JACK to get situated before dropping a manila folder on his desk. He opens it in front of JACK and starts flipping pages
What’s this Tommy?
This, Jackie my boy, is trouble.
TOM finds what he’s look for and turns the folder toward JACK.
Do you remember Marcy Cavenaugh?
Sounds familiar. One of your Friday night missions? (laughing)
No…sadly. One of yours.
JACK sits up, the smile fading.
Yeah, thought that might wake you up. How much of the Golf Scramble do you remember, buddy?
JACK picks up the phone
Cynthia, please hold all calls and reschedule any meetings this morning. Thanks.
(to Tom)
Now, what the shit is this?
This, my friend, is trouble. As soon as this came through my area I figured I had to tell you. But according to Marcy…
(flipping through folder as TOM speaks and rests on a photo)
OK.I remember her now. She’s over in Communications, isn’t she?
She was in I.T. actually. That is, until she was let go. Which, she’s blaming on you.
On me?
Yeah, according to her formal complaint filed after her exit interview, you tried to get a little friendly with your putter in the bunker. And when she went HR about it, the Old Man had it squashed.
That’s insane. I’m married.
(laughs sarcastically)
Yeah. Even so. How much do you really remember about that afternoon Jackie?
Tommy. Look. You know me. Yeah, I like to tie one on and go howl at the moon every now and then but there’s no way in hell I’m going to cheat on Susan. I’m not a frickin’ idiot.
I’m not the one you have to convince, man. You know you have to nip this thing in the bud before it blows up. Because if it gets upstairs, it’ll be–
The phone on JACK’s desk beeps and CYNTHIA’S voice is on the intercom.
Dammit Cynthia. I said I wasn’t to be distur-
Sir. Mr. Osterman has asked to see you.
The blood drains from JACK’S face.
–too late.
cut to–interior Elevator
We see Jack standing now in front of the elevators. There are the public elevators and then another one off to the side.
Jack looks back to see Tommy looking anxious and Cynthia trying not to look anxious.
Jack pauses before hitting the UP button on the smaller executive elevator. The doors open, he steps in, turns and hits a button. As the doors close, he looks up. We aren’t quite sure whether he’s just looking at the numbers or saying a prayer…or both.
cut to
We are looking at the same elevator doors. As the bell dings and the doors open, we see JACK inside, stepping out, flanked by SECURITY GUARD#1 and SECURITY GUARD#2. They wait for him to step off before following him to his former office. CYNTHIA has his personal effects already boxed. 
As she’s handing him the box, she slips a folded piece of paper in to the box. JACK stares blankly and takes the box.
cut to exterior day
We see JACK  getting in to a taxi cab and looking back at the building as the cab pulls away.

fade out

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