I Guess I Forgot

Sometimes I forget things.  I forget my true purpose on this planet, in this lifetime. Multiple lives, multiple dimensions (death is an illusion; it’s a transition, not an ending)–all that for another time (which is funny in itself).

But this time around my purpose is to express myself creatively and through that expression, inspire others to also tap in to their creativity. I’d forgotten that for a while. I thought quite selfishly that these blogs were really for me. And to some extent, they are. But they are also for anyone else. Do they inspire? I don’t know. Maybe someone is reading it and thinking Dude…this guy sucks. I can write better them him. And they do.  OR someone says Wow…this is really good…I want to write like that! And they do.


They Do.

The they do part can’t really happen unless I keep writing, though, can it?  No. Not so much.

But AT, I’m not at all creative.


Everyone has the innate ability to be creative.

I’m going to pause and let you read that last sentence again.

No, seriously. Go read it again. Here, I’ll help.

Everyone has the innate ability to be creative.

I’ll let you in on the secret, though. Not everyone has a broad enough definition of creativity. If you have ever found yourself saying I don’t know where it came from, it just came. I was inspired.  You’ve tapped in to your creativity.

It’s not just the arts, music, writing, painting…those aren’t the only things that you can be creative with.  Do you cook? Did you make a kick ass dinner that made you smile because somehow the mix of flavors magically came together with or without a recipe?


If you subscribe to the belief that at some point we all came from a Source (call it God or whatever you want to call it), then you probably also believe we have some or all of the characteristics of that source within us.

There is a creation myth in most religions.



You have a mind. You have a soul (most of you). You have a heart.

There is really nothing else required for creativity.

Except maybe a spark.

What’s my spark? I don’t know. I think for me it’s the fact that I know that if I don’t write (or play music or paint or take pictures)…if I don’t get all of these thoughts out of my head, then I’ll go crazy. Maybe I already am. Maybe you’re reading the blog of a crazy person. I don’t know.

But I have to write.  I have to express that creativity. Whether it’s an email to a customer…a document for my team at work, or this goofy little lunchtime blog. I can’t do anything else.

There really was (as with most of these) not much of a point to this. Part of it was muscle memory…I wanted to see if I still remembered how to type (for the most part I did). And I wanted to see if I still remembered how to put a thought together and follow the threads it left behind (for the most part I did).

Point is, I guess I forgot that I’m not really writing just for me. I don’t necessarily know who I’m writing for. And more importantly, I don’t know for when I’m writing, Is it someone alive? Is it for someone yet to be born?  I don’t know.

But I don’t really need to know any of that, to be honest.

I just need to write.

And so I shall.

Have a wonderfully awesomesauce day my friends!

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