Flux Capacitor

I had a really cool post in my head yesterday that I never got around to posting. It has to do with Rockstar vs. Working Musician. I never actually got around to writing it at lunch yesterday, but it’s still in the forefront of my brain, so there’s a good chance it will be written tomorrow at lunch. Or my next lunch break, whenever that might actually wind up being.

But today’s lunchtime bloggy blog goodness looks at something else. An invention by Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown, PhD. I am speaking of course of the Flux Capacitor. Now it’s been a while since I did my temporal mechanics dissertation, so please forgive me if I generalize. The concept behind the flux capacitor is like a regular capacitor, only different. The traditional capacitor is a two-poled structure and is used to hold electricity in a field state. The Flux Capacitor is a tri-poled system designed to hold a massive burst of energy. The field state created actually shifts the temporal and spatial particles and allows the device housing it to guide the resulting wave.  In laymen’s terms, there’s a big flash and you travel through time. I’m sorry…I said I was a bit rusty and I’m not sure where my term papers are these days. 

And you’re sitting there asking yourself, so what, Todd? Everyone knows that. Doc Brown’s work is heralded in most Terran systems as bridging the gap between Einstein’s theories and Rambaldi’s heretical musings from the 15th century.

And you’re right. I’m not here to talk about what every 4th grader learns about quantum mechanics. I’m here to see what happens if we apply the theory behind the Flux Capacitor elsewhere in our lives.

I didn’t slip on the toilet seat whilst hanging a clock, but I did get hit with this imagery on the way in to work…well…actually about 3 hours in to work. Why it happened is the source for my paper journals, but the result gets to live here for all y’all to see.

People measure others in their capacity to do something. A person’s capacity to change. A person’s capacity to love. To care. Their capacity to feel and sense what is actually going on around them (not just the trappings of this ride that we’ve all agreed to be on and pretend it’s not actually happening).

I think most poets will see that the capacitor in these quips is usually a single thing. The heart. Or the mind. Sometimes it’s the soul that gets the nod.

But what if it’s not?

What if what it takes to reach our ultimate capacity as luminous beings of light is a flux capacitor?

Dude. Does your boss know that you’re smoking your lunch?

No. They don’t. Because, I’m not.  But I can see where you’re coming from. But hear me out (or don’t….really. It’s your call.) ?No…here’s what I mean.

The Flux Capacitor is a tri-poled mechanism, which takes it out of the realm of binary. Taking it out of the realm of binary puts it in the fuzzy realm of crazy quantum mechanics. And the more we find out about that, the more we find our body is a ridiculously scaled model of that quantum realm.  So…back to the Flux Capacitor. With regards to our body, the three poles are mind, heart, soul.

And the sudden burst of energy? That’s any event in our lives that causes us to take pause. To take stock. To question the very fabric of the universe, or at the very least what the fuck thread we’re supposed to be pulling or sewing in said universal fabric.

It doesn’t have to be a serious crisis of faith that causes that pause. It could be that perfect moment when you are caught up in the laughter and joy of hanging with your friends. It could be the smiling eyes of your child as they wake you up with those too sloppy but ever too quickly gone loving kisses as the tell you how much they love you.

It could be the new sunrise.  Or the daily death of the sun over the collapsing pole barn.

Point is, I can’t tell you what that burst of energy is or will be for you. And you can’t tell what it will be for another person. Sure, the real Flux Capacitor generates its field and engages in the spatial/temporal shift when it is charged with 1.21 GigaWatts.  I would venture to say the energy contained in whatever triggers it for your is on the order of magnitudes greater than that amount.

And what of the time/space shift, you ask?

Again, your mileage may very, but when it happens to me I know that this world, the place my feet call the earth gets somewhat fuzzy.  It’s like looking through the plastic you put over your windows in the winter time to keep the drafts of cool air out. It’s like I know there’s something outside the window, something familiar. But I just can’t bring it in to focus. To do so would require ripping off the plastic and letting the cold air in.

I think the people in the history of human kind that have navigated and transcended learned this relationship somewhere along the way. They didn’t hesitate to peel back that plastic sheen.

And they learned another truth, one picked up so eloquently by Dr. B. Banzai.
No matter where you go, there you are.

But that’s a story for another time.



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