Starships Were Meant To Fly

Sitting in a Wal Mart vision center while my daughter gets new glasses, I am struck by something. How amazing it is that I have so many people in my life who are willing to help me reach my dreams of being a world-class, award-winning, best-selling author (there’s no point in going at the dream half-assed now is there?).  It’s really kind of cool.

And as I get to know these people better, these authors and writers that are fast becoming friends, I am realizing the concept of the rising tide that we’ve talked about.

Basically, in our collective of writers (both in the Columbus group I’m part of and the Ashland group that I’m becoming more of a part of (I think I’m probably part of the group, at least by proxy, by this point)), we are both the tide and the ship in equal parts. When we are the tides, we raise the ships of our compatriots up–helping them grow and improve and getting ever closer to their goals, whatever they may be.

When we are the ships, in turn, focused on our dreams and hopes and goals, the tide of those around us lift us up and get us closer to reaching our dreams.

It’s a simple concept.  The thought that for any of us to win, we ALL need to win. And the more successful we become in making our dreams come true, the more we are in a position to help make the dreams of others come true.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if success was not measured in what you personally “got,” but instead was measured in how much you helped others get that which they needed?

It’s a sobering concept to think that even if you hit every milestone you have set for yourself as a success-none of it matters if you don’t help someone else reach their dreams.

I used to feel guilty, or like I didn’t quite belong when I was around these groups. It took me a while before I felt comfortable in my own skin, to the point where I was ok with saying that I WAS a writer (I AM a writer). And even longer still before I felt like I had something to contribute–come new insight that maybe they hadn’t thought of. But I know I am and I do. And I know that being a part of these groups, helping each other reach our dreams is going to propel me quicker than anything I could do on my own.

Definitely a rising tide scenario. So to CMC and NCOW, I say…thank you for welcoming me and let’s do this thing!

#2 Random Train of Thought
This is the third or fourth post I’ve done now on the NEO2. It’s taking a bit of getting used to, but overall, I’m still digging it. It’s definitely giving me the distraction free writing experience that I’ve really been looking for.

And the fact that I can just pull this thing out, grab some space on a table or my lap and start typing is the bomb.

Alright, my baby girl has her glasses ordered now. Time to get back to work.

Peace out inter webs,

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