Good morning my friends and greetings from SkaggleRock!
I have been hinting at the news I’m about to tell you for quite some time now. Are you ready? Here goes.


Todd, WHAT is not a fluke??

Ha! I’m glad you asked.  Me being a writer and publishing a book. Those things are not a fluke!

It was unfortunately a little too easy to lull myself in to thinking that Shadow Initiate might be my only published book. Truth of the matter is, though, everyone who told me they read it gave me some great feedback and encouragement. It was usually in the form of “Wait. What? THAT’S HOW IT ENDS?!?!?”  and that was usually followed up with, “Dude. When are you writing the next book?”

And that was awesome.

But we’ll circle back to that in a minute.

First I want to tell you about my friend Vee Gregory.

She’s a Study Director at Trident Research International. She’s heading up a team that is doing some groundbreaking research on cancer treatment.

And she’s a direct descendant of Medusa.

Intrigued?  Good!
You can find out all of Vee’s story in my upcoming book, Ovid’s Folly.

Oh, I kind of buried the lead, didn’t I?

That’s right. On December 5th, my second book will be released out in to the world.

I have the awesome pleasure of sharing some space and time with 22 other amazing authors (some of whom are award-winning, USA Today and New York Times Bestselling authors!)!

You can find us all in the incredible LEGENDS and LORE box set.

You have no idea how excited I am right now to be sharing this news with you. 
Here are the particulars.
The set is released on December 5th. It’s a Tuesday. It will probably be cold in Ohio, so you might need your winter coat. Oh wait, no you won’t because it will be delivered to your Kindle or eReader of choice at 12:01 AM and be ready for you to read with your morning coffee!
It’s only $0.99. For the talent that you’re getting in this set, it’s an awesome deal. 
Todd, how do we get our hands on this awesomeness??
It’s EASY. All you have to do is click on these next two words: PRE-ORDER HERE.
That link will take you to Pronoun. It’s a site you can pre-order the book in the format of your choosing.
But Todd, I hate to pre-order. Why should I bother when I can just get it on December 5th?

This is also a great question.  From time to time you will see me promote and push my friends’ books. I will do this on certain days. These are push days for the title.  The push days are basically a concentrated effort to generate as many pre-orders as possible on a specific day.
A large volume of pre-orders helps get the book/box-set ranked in Amazon’s (crazy ass) system. The better the ranking before release day, the higher the visibility the book or set has on the day it is released, and the better chance it has to do well and be presented to more people. 
Here’s the thing you have to remember about pre-orders, you’re not charged until Release Day. So, there’s no risk to you and you’re seriously helping me out and the other 22 great people in this set who want to get their work out to the masses. 
So, have I convinced you? 
What if I told you that Vee was starting to get feelings for her new boss? Hmm. That could be trouble. Wonder if the gods are going to have to intervene?
Isn’t it exciting??
I can’t wait for you to read it!
Have you pre-ordered yet?  You have? YAY!
Thank you!
No, seriously. Thank you. It means more than I can tell you that you do me the honor of inviting me in to your home and letting me tell you a story.  I hope to continue to do so well after this set.
Have an awesome day, my friends!


  1. Thank you!! I really like this story and I'm stoked to share it 🙂 As soon as November is through, we need to hang. I'm gonna be a little on the crazy side until then.

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