Where Does The Time Go

“…I watched the time go right out the window. What it meant to me will eventually be a memory…”
M. Shinoda definitely has a way with words. I fell onto the Linkin Park fanwagon a little later than most, but I have been on ever since I did. Not sure why that particular lyric came to mind other than the title of this post reminded me it, so I guess there’s that.

Seriously, though. Where does it go? Does time actually really even go anywhere? I have been thinking a lot about the nature of time lately, I suppose because the book I am currently in the middle of writing is a sci-fi piece that centers pretty heavily around the whole time travel thing.

Oh so that’s a thing. I’m pretty actively working on the book again after some time in the weeds. And by in the weeds I mean several months of slowly and somewhat silently wading through the waters of depression (what? I didn’t want to bother you, you guys had your own shit to deal with). And then there was the whole shaky-is-this-really-going-sideways-as-badly-as-I-think-it-is thing going on at my former employer. Spoiler alert, for me, it was. Followed by me leaving said employer and in the process, apparently burning a friendship (or at the very least coming to the painful realization that the actual friendship was nowhere near what I thought it was. Yeah. That one still stings).

But through it all, some really cool things happened. I finally got the music shite set up and wired up and dialed in (Darrin, you need to let me know when you have an overnight to come up here and do some 2ndFloor action. Give me enough warning and I’ll find out where we need to go to get the Big Gulps at 3AM).

The roomie and I have hosted 2 game nights, which have been fun and were both successful in their own way (just not necessarily when compared to each other).

And, oh…yeah. I started a new job. I think I mentioned that elsewhere in this bloggy blog. So, yeah. Because of the new job, I actually have a work/life balance. Not the work/life-balance-until-the-on-call-phone-rings-and-you-are-expected-to-immediately-drop-everything-and-engage-in-work-again that I had with the old job.

Look, I’m a little bitter about the way shit ended over there. I’m not going to lie. Seven years did not have to go sideways the way it did. But, when it’s all said and done, I learned a lot in that position, I had a lot of growth, and for a part of my life, it was exactly what I needed.

Now, though, it’s not.  Which is why I moved on.

And bonus, I’m actually writing again (I mean, not including this blog). The WIP is up to about 30,000 words. May or may not be about halfway done and I’m enjoying the writing process again. I’m taking time at lunch to write (got 1000 words in today).

OH! and yeah–the fireplace at the #GallifreyAnnex was cleaned and patched up this weekend and we had an honest to god fire in the fireplace. I was telling Monica that I never remember seeing one as a child growing up. Mom told me that she doesn’t remember one being in there since my Grammy passed away (almost 40 years ago). It’s going to be super neat to see what Gramps has to say about that when I take a picture of the fire in the fireplace this week when I go over to have our Frosty’s.

Speaking of this week, I can’t wait until Wednesday–V.E. Schwab is coming to town and I got us tickets to go see her speak and to get to the book signing. I’m super pumped. Ever since I saw here in Kentucky on the Conjuring of Light book signing tour, I decided that seeing her anytime she was within a 3 hour driving distance from C-Bus. She’s in Westerville this week, so yeah. Pretty close I’d say!!

I just finished up The Near Witch, her first published book (re-released). I couldn’t put it down. It made for great reading yesterday. Yesterday was pretty much a reading day. In the morning I read Hollywood King by the awesome Monica Corwin. And in the afternoon (after hitting the thrift store, Half Price Books, and Barnes and Noble and picking up something like 7 games and something like 15 books), I started The Near Witch and just couldn’t put it down. I know it was her first book, but it just felt like the next one to be released. By that, I mean that I couldn’t really see any facet where I was like, “Oh, yeah. THAT’S the sign of a new author.” What she had out there was just as good as the last book of hers I finished. And that’s pretty kick ass (also somewhat inspiring and somewhat daunting to me as a somewhat ‘new’ author).

And then there’s Monica’s book, Hollywood King. I couldn’t put that down either. Not just because it was written by my best friend, but because it was good. It took the classic, Pride and Prejudice, and set it our world of Hollywood royalty. I’m not going to say too much about it because a)I want you to read it, and b)I plan to put a review out there on Amazon for it. I figure since I’ve been off Facebook for 5 months, the Amazon bots should let me post a review now on my friends books without getting all judge-y about it.

Oh yeah. that’s a thing, still. Still not back on Facebook. Still no plans to get back on in the immediate future. The one major, on-going downside is that I’m terrible now about wishing people a happy birthday. To be fair, I was always terrible about it, but Facebook had that little pop-up guilt trip, er-reminder that would tell you when it was someone’s birthday. Don’t have that anymore. So, please know this, if I forget to wish you a happy birthday this year, it’s because I suck at timely birthday salutations. So, here’s a pre-emptive one—Happy Birthday!! Hoping you have an awesome ‘earth did another rotation around the sun’day!!

Hmmm…what else? Oh, yeah. I have been having some mild to moderate anxiety about my prescription drug situation, but I think I have a handle on it now. But for a while, I got a first hand glimpse at how the Insurance companies and Big Pharma are just not super awesome to the little guy.

I think that’s about all I got for now. I need to head over and work on a blog post for my friend Lisa over at Appliance Rescue Service. She’s super cool, and there’s a lot of good information on the site.

Check it out, and tell her Todd sent ya!!

Alright, peeps, I’m heading off to make some dinner and do some more writing.

Hoping you have an awesomesauce evening and a wonderful day tomorrow!!


2 thoughts on “Where Does The Time Go

  1. Yes, we'll have to figure out a time to get together and jam. Though, I haven't picked up a guitar in years so it might be a short session. I got them suburban hands now, all soft and mushy and not good for much of anything. 😛

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