It’s Been A Long Time

I shouldn’t have left you….
Without a strong rhyme to step to…

It’s funny. I could go months before without a post…now I go a week without updating the blog and I feel bad about not writing. I guess that’s the difference when the creative outlets shift.

Speaking of outlets, I’d like to welcome the new people that may (or may not) be coming over from Facebookistan.

Just to recap…I didn’t leave facebook because of you…or anyone else. I left because I was getting addicted to it. So…short answer, I was sick of the anti-social nature of ‘social media’ and the long answer is contained in many previous posts on this blog devoted to the topic.

Hey…I’m down about 66 pounds total on the Journey to Healthy Todd (or ‘no more lard ass’ as I normally call it)…now, granted, I’m sure a couple of those pounds came back this weekend due to the celebrating the loss of poundage in the first place. And that’s ok…the general trend, over time, is a downward slope. And that’s cool by me.

It’s 3:24 AM and I’m spent in that way that’s a mix of sweet exhaustion mixed with inebriation, mixed with the joy of seeing and spending time with friends you haven’t seen in a long time. All those things got wrapped up in to one Saturday at Brew-Strs.

And just like that, my train of thought has derailed. I know there was something in there a…

…..annnnnnnnd we’re back.
So what did we learn from this lesson, kiddos?  That’s right. We learned that Todd trying to post a blog entry after he’s come home from Brew-Stirs is a bad idea. It’s a good thing that I can touch type, because I’m sure that hunting and pecking to type anything after those Moerlein Emancipator Doppelbocks Chris was serving me last night would have been a bad thing…like a motion sickness bad thing. And trust me…that’s not the way I want to test out if my laptop keyboard really is resistant to liquids or not.

I will have to post again later today after my laundry is done and I’m packed up for my trip this week if only for the simple pleasure of quoting the first couple lines of Rocket Man. Sh’up, I know I’m a dork, what of it?

Did I mention that I’m pumped for these trips? I’m going out to Maryland to run the cable for our newest MicroCenter store. And it should be quite the epic trip of awesomeness. I’ll be sure to post in the evenings…and I’ll post pix if I can (not sure all the ramifications of that yet).


Last night was crazy.  First of all, I drove to Brew-Stirs (which I never do) because of the torrential downpour we were having last night (that stopped 1/2 hour after I got there–go figure). So…no big deal….switch to water closer to the end of the night and all is well that ends well.

So…that was the first anomaly. Then, at the bar chilling with another regular, we look around and notice that the bar is PACKED (again…kind of a rarity as of late). But it’s not packed with regulars. It’s packed with such a diverse crowd that it’s kinda freaky. I felt like I walked in to Alternate Universe Brew-Stirs or something. It was very Twilight Zone-y. THEN….a fight broke out.  Domestic dispute. Some dude called some lady a c**t and some other dude was trying to defend her honor (which, knowing the lady, she probably was being a see you next tuesday, but that’s besides the point). So they all get cleared out (even though one of the dudes was like the herp….kept coming back–I guess it helped that he knew one of the owners, but that’s a story for another time).

So…shit settles from all that….then I look over and some lady had some other lady in a choke hold and was wrasslin’ her down to the ground. Keno cards were flying…it was nuts.

I looked at my friend Bill (who was thankful that night that he was a former bouncer, and not on the clock) and said ‘bitches be robo-trippin”


I think there was a third fight in there somewhere. It was nuts. And that was all before 11PM!!

Luckily the evening settled in to a nice groove from there.

I saw no less than like 7 or 8 people that I haven’t seen since I left Facebook and it was awesome. We laughed…we drank…we (ok, I) ate pizza….and I danced my ass off.

I had to show the young pups that there was more to grooving on the dance floor than just flashy ABDC moves. Yes, son, I know those moves. I hate to break it to you, but popping and locking isn’t really as new as you think it is. In fact, I can actually remember when it WAS new. And we called it Break Dancing (because if you didn’t do it correctly, you would definitely wind up breaking something).

Heh…so, yeah. Still smiles from the fun last night. I’ve got to get off ye olde laptop for now and get moving with the day…but I’m glad you stopped by. Don’t be such a stranger.

Peace out!!


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