I am the most retarded guitar player ever.As you may or may not know (or care) I recently got my very first electric guitar back. It's a Sam As(s)h Stratocaster knockoff. I paid something like $90 for it like 8 years ago or something like that.And I always kind of hated it. Well, that's not … Continue reading Duh


The thrift store jaunt was not meant to be last night. I wound up staying here working on MCSA stuff until about 9. This stuff's gonna kick my ass if I'm not careful. I mean, I know it's for certification and all that, but damn. It's quite a bit more involved than I thought. Well, … Continue reading Alas

F*** This

Here's the thing. I'm sick of these bullshit immigration protests.I've started this post three times already and there just isn't any good way to articulate it without coming off as a racist pig. And maybe I am.If it means that I want what's best for me and my family and what's best for America in … Continue reading F*** This