And this is not a good wow by any means. I haven't been really paying much attention to politics. And by that I mean, I don't engage myself in conversations about politics with co-workers, family, or friends. I know who I'm voting for. I know why I'm voting for him. And I'm fine with that. … Continue reading Wow


Dear Rock Stars,After watching all of the amazing performances from this summer’s tour, I was totally blown away. We had so many impressive bands contending for the big London Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp prize. The votes poured in by the thousands and the competition was fierce. You are all truly Rock Stars and you … Continue reading Whew.

Of ALL of the possible logo ideas to copy…

I really hope this is just a mock-up of a logo. Because the resemblence to David Fincher's movie is a little creepy. If that logo remains, I'm gonna be half tempted to walk around Micro Center on launch day shouting, "C'mon Somerset....what's in the box?!?!?!?!" Don't open that box, David. "Wha-unh's in the booooooxxxxx?!?"But only … Continue reading Of ALL of the possible logo ideas to copy…


And just like that, we're back out.There's construction of a new hotel in our neighborhood (right next to a day care-wtf?) and we think THAT may be the culprit this time since the strongest winds in the area are coming from my arse.Thankfully we didn't fully restock our fridge and freezer. There's one mark in … Continue reading ZAP

With A Snap, Crackle and a Big Effing Boom

Email from Nancy around 2:45 PM today: "Power is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"   YAY.   Me (to my boss): Hey, I know I'm supposed to work for another hour, but I'm contemplating going home to see what my lights look like. It's been 5 days since I've seen them.   Him: It won't do any good, they'll … Continue reading With A Snap, Crackle and a Big Effing Boom