With A Snap, Crackle and a Big Effing Boom

Email from Nancy around 2:45 PM today:
“Power is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Me (to my boss): Hey, I know I’m supposed to work for another hour, but I’m contemplating going home to see what my lights look like. It’s been 5 days since I’ve seen them.
Him: It won’t do any good, they’ll be off again by the time you get home.
Email from Nancy around 3:15:
“Big boom, power went back out.
Crap indeed.
I guess when they said “Power will be restored in our area by 9/19”  they didn’t necessarily mean it would stay restored. Suddenly that $200 for the tiny generator doesn’t seem like such a bad idea…considering I needs me some sleep…AND Jen’s got school pictures tomorrow, so I know she was hoping to have some way to use her hair devices.
It’s funny to me, looking back on this week how different things are, but how same they are, too. The only days that my routine really changed was Monday and Tuesday (when power was also out at work). And even these past few days, the difference has been that we’ve been using flashlights and candles. And there’s no TV. No X-Box. No computer.  And no lights. I never realized how much I take light for granted. The ability to just walk in to a dark house, flick a switch and ‘bammo!’ Light.
I kinda miss that.
I’m not a power-guy, but I’m gonna guess there’s an issue with the transformer. I say this only because they got it on Monday at 3PM…it blew at 6PM. They got it on today at 2:45PM and it blew at 3:15PM. Somethin’ ain’t right.
Alright, gotta finish up work stuff and head to the homestead to rustle up some grub before Tommy’s game.

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