Winds of Change….from my arse

I SO want to put the video for ‘Winds of Change’ on here, but something won’t let me. Whether it’s bandwidth issues or my own aversion to German bands that mispronounce ‘Gorky Park’ (Garky Pahrk), I can’t be sure. Maybe a bit of both.

I don’t really have anything new to post. We’re still without power. And we still refuse to buy a generator. I’m still not getting any kind of decent sleep because of my dependency on a CPAP machine (which, unfortunately has it’s own monkey called ‘Alternating Current’).

If you missed them, pix of the fun can be found here, video lives over here (and yes, felling that huge ass tree was fun, but not nearly as fun as using ‘fell’ as a verb).

Before I go too much further, I insist that you go HERE now. This is good stuff. The posts are funny as hell…the kids are as musically inclined as their rockstar father. It’s VERY good stuff. I try to hit the CrabbyDad at least once a day for some comic relief and the subtle realization that my impending insanity is just part and parcel of being a father.

What’s cracking me up about it, is the comments are nearly every bit as funny as the posts in most cases. In short, it just rocks. If you’re still reading this instead of Crabby’s, you’re cheating yourself, because I’m going on not very good sleep and quite frankly, I’m not feeling very funny right now.

Alright then, back to my wrap (it’s one of those new Tyson ones, and while I’m not normally a pesto fan, this turkey club thing is rather tasty).

Talk at ya later.

One thought on “Winds of Change….from my arse

  1. CrabbyDad is da bomb. The url is goofed at the moment. Luckily I am HTML savy.Sorry that you still have no power. That well and truly sucks. :(BTW, I can\’t stand the Scorpions. Especially not in their Winds of f\’ing Change phase.

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