December Events at ICC

I don't know why I rack my brain trying to be 'clever' with these things. Sometimes simple and understated is the way to go.Here's the video announcement for events@ International Christian Center (ICC).It can be played between services, it can be played with or without sound.Simple.A tad boring perhaps, but it serves its purpose.

Iron Chef @ ICC

I just finished the commercial for ICC's International Chef Event. It was fun, and it cracked me up. Hope it does the same for the people who see it tomorrow.I found a site that has all of the original broadcastings of the Japanese versions without dubs or subs. So I was pretty stoked.Enjoy.


I normally never watch the news. And this is one example of why.I saw a live report that the String Shoppe was closing its doors after 40 years.I really can't imagine going down to campus and not seeing the String Shoppe.It's just kind of shitty.That's all I got.