I Am A Humbled Dot Connector

It is humbling to me when I hear from someone that my little affirmations inspire them. That they can read something that I wrote with a smile and it makes them smile and brightens their day, even if for a moment.

Because, that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it? The moments.
I think a lot of people wait for their ‘big defining moment’…and they miss the point.  Our lives are a ‘connect the dots’ picture. Do you remember those? A page full of dots that didn’t look like anything but a page full of dots. And in some cases the dots were sequenced. Once you followed each of those dots, when you connected the last one to the first one, you saw the whole picture.
I used to stop along the way, from dot to dot and try to guess what the bigger picture was. It was always such a rush when I thought I knew what it was and it turned out to be that very thing! But you know what was cooler? When I thought it was one thing, but after connecting all the dots, it turned out to be an image completely out of the blue from what I was expecting. And one that was WAY more awesome than what I had originally thought. 
THOSE were the magic moments.
But it was always the same. You HAD to follow the dots and connect them to get the full picture. 
That full picture is your life. Or at the very least a chapter in your life. Those dots are moments. People…events…brief snapshots of awesomeness in time.
All necessary to fully realize that bigger picture.
And here’s the kicker…it only works if you connect the dots
We are all connected.
THAT is what keeps me going.

Have an amazing day, my friends.

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