In Through The Out Door

Alright, I’ve managed to dislodge my cranium from my anium and am now posting my non-TwistedZen Productions post in their appropriate repository. Props to my man D-ski Nails for finding me over there anyway. Yo yo.

Alright. Down to the matter at hand.

In 1979, a little band known as Led Zeppelin released “In Through The Out Door.” And as the story goes, they weren’t happy having to choose from all the kewl cover shots that were taken for the album front and back. So, in a snit of marketing genius, they decided to put one of the pictures on the front of the album and one on the back. That took care of 2. But what about the other 10 shots they wanted to use? Easy. They put the albums in a brown paper sleeve.

And they decided to release SIX different album jackets. If you have a copy of this album lying around, you will find a letter A-F at the top of the spine. This is your album cover. And for the past 5 years now, I’ve had them all, but B. I saw a B once at a record show, but it was a japanese import and the dude wanted $60 for it. Um no thanks. I didn’t pay more than $3 for any of the other ones and I wasn’t about to start now.

Well, actually, I wasn’t about to start then. I did pay more than $3 for it tonight. That’s right. I found it. The B cover. The elusive frickin’ B. For $7.95 at Half-Price Books.

There’s a little bit of ring-wear on it, but you know what? I have it.

The set.

Now I may just pull one of the inner sleeves out and frame the water color painting ,too.


(alright, if you’re a die-hard Zep fan, don’t beat me up, mmmkay? I made up that shite about not being able to decide which picture to use. If you want the real story, I’m sure wikipedia has a reasonable facsimile thereof).

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