I Don’t Think the Heavy Stuff’s Coming Down For Another Coupla Hours

The telltale signs of my stupidity have not kicked in yet. I have come to realize that 2 days is the magic waiting period for my body to manifest things.

So…the two days in a row of kickboxing won’t really show up as the aches and pains until Sunday. At least not in full force. I’m sore today (from Thursday’s session). And my legs were hating me last night. But I know that in the end it’s going to be worth it. I can already feel it making a difference.

I’m getting back in to that zone where I am starting to need to exercise again. And that’s a pretty good place to be.

OK. I lied. I’m sore. Ha.

Oh man….I just re-read last night/this morning’s “post” (if you can call it that). Drunk Todd is definitely NOT allowed to post anymore. Sorry about that. I know it’s not the high-caliber of awesomeness you have come to expect (ok…so what’s funny is, I have a huge grin as I just typed that last sentence…lest you think I’m this or myself too seriously….I’m not. Just havin’ a go at ya).

On deck today…some photo editing and then later a pub crawl. The theme is golf. Which I have no skill at whatsoever. I used to say that I don’t golf unless there’s plastic grass and plastic windmills (read:putt putt). And then a former co-worker, golfer dude said to me…”Don’t say that, you’ll never get invited to play. Just tell people you have a fantastic short game.”  To which I laughed…because I don’t in fact have a terrific short game. It’s been years since I even putt-putted. AND not to mention that I could live my whole life and never be sad in the least that I was never invited to golf.

So…here’s a bit of irony for you. Brew-Stirs has a Golf Tourney every year.  And I was trying to get on as their photographer. Long story there…but it ends with someone being a douchebag. But anyway. So Chris says to me…wait…there’s no time. I’ll sum up. Long story short. I got invited (maybe) to be on a team tomorrow for the Golf Outing. Me…the complete non-golfer. It may not happen. But it was just funny either way.

I gotta go make sure my costume is ready for today…theme is golf. I picked up a $2 putter from Play It Again Sam Sports and I’m gonna go as the esteemed groundskeeper from the Bushwood Country Club.

And with that, my 4 readers (ok…maybe a few more have wandered over in the mean while…and no, I didn’t f**king de-friend you, jeesh!)…..um…right.

Anyway…have an awesome-sauce Saturday my friends!


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